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Recycling / Waste Management Services

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Boost Recycling offers a complete one-stop-shop for your recycling, waste stream and landfill requirements. We operate across the UK. Whether you require a complete package, or just a part solution, Boost Recycling can help.

Recycling Streams That We Boost..

Cardboard & paper - loose and baled. (Baling equipment sometimes provided free of charge!)

Plastic film recycling.

Hard plastics. (Granulating equipment sometimes supplied free of charge.)


Plastic crates and pallets.

Bulk bags.

Paper & Cardboard Specialists

Cardboard and paper waste can create problems at many sites due to its volume. This type of waste takes up precious storage space. Whether it’s a Baler or a Compactor, Boost Recycling can provide handling solutions for this type of waste material. In some instances we can supply the equipment free of charge. For customers with their own equipment we offer a brokerage and collection service for valuable recycled waste streams.

Plastics Recycling

Plastic film recycling.

Plastic film once removed from landfill waste can generate high revenues if handled correctly.

Hard plastics

Many factories accumulate vast amounts of hard plastic waste. It can take over valuable storage areas and space. This type of waste material can normally be collected loose without any extra handling and sent directly for recycling. Whether you need continual or occasional hard plastic waste solutions, Boost Recycling will be able to offer your company a solution.

Dolavs, Plastic Crates, PP woven Bulk Bags

This type of material makes up a large part of many companies waste stream. Raw materials and end products are both handled in them. As they become redundant, through damage or accumulation, we can provide a recycling solution.

Free Waste Audit

Boost Recycling offers a free waste audit service. One of our waste management experts can visit your site to examine your current methods of sorting and disposing of your business waste products. More often than not we can identify new cost saving methods of maximising recycling, and can work with you to generate extra revenue from your waste. To find out free of charge if you can benefit from increased revenue from your waste or landfill reduction click here to request more information or to book a free waste audit anywhere in the UK