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Reduce Landfill Costs

waste management company reduce land fill costs

Disposing of your business waste can be time consuming and expensive. With the government keen to increase landfill charges it is important for companies to minimise the amount of waste materials they send to landfill. At Boost Recycling we aim to do just that. Our goal is to reduce your landfill costs by redirecting as much of your business waste as possible towards recycling, a process that can generate increased revenues for your business.

The first step towards achieving this is to re-evaluate your current waste management practices. Our free of charge waste audit does just that. We personally visit your site to identify new or different ways of managing your waste, ensuring that everything that can be recycled is being recycled. Any item or collective material that we manage to divert away from landfill towards recycling is a step in the right direction in terms of our personal environmental responsibility, and also our corporate environmental responsibility. But, it also makes sound financial sense. Interested to find out more? Book a free waste audit.

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Free Waste Audit

Boost Recycling offers a free waste audit service. One of our waste management experts can visit your site to examine your current methods of sorting and disposing of your business waste products. More often than not we can identify new cost saving methods of maximising recycling, and can work with you to generate extra revenue from your waste. For more details or to apply now click here.